Media Pitch 365 Calendars + Media Multiplier Method + Media Sales System Bundle



Get the complete Media Sales System with our bundle! Learn how to pitch the media, how to make your media efforts snowball and how to turn all your new leads into paying clients.

With the Media Pitch 365 + Media Multiplier Method + Media Sales System Bundle you’ll have everything you need to get media mentions for free, attract more media to you, capture all the leads the media is sending your way and turn those leads into paying clients. Here is what each system brings:


In the Media Pitch 365 System you get:

  • Calendars for different industries with 365 pitch ideas, including pitches that are proven to work at certain times of the year. We have calendars for business coaches, health coaches, relationship coaches, personal finance coaches and more.
  • Email templates you can use to pitch the media.
  • Videos with pitching tips.
  • Plus, Trello boards and spreadsheets to help you stay organized as you start pitching the media.



In the Media Multiplier Method you get:

  • Video lessons on how to set up your website to catch the eye of the media.
  • Video lessons on how to use the content you’re already putting out for your business media-friendly.
  • Templates for creating your media kit. This is a very important asset to have when you’re pitching and you also want to have it readily available on your site.


In the Media Sales System you get:

  • A 10-module course on how to set up your sales systems for your business including email marketing, Facebook groups and your own website.
  • How to get warm leads to book sales calls.
  • Sales call breakdown so you never feel gross or icky.
  • Video examples of how to handle objections like “I can’t afford it” and “I need to think about it” in a way where you are an advocate for the potential client.
  • Templates including email marketing templates and follow up email templates.


Don’t leave money on the table by not knowing how to capitalize on it. Use these systems to ensure you get more media attention and turn all those leads into paying customers.

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