Media Pitch 365 Pitching Calendars



In order to get media attention you need to hire an expensive PR company, right? Actually, no. The internet has made it easier than ever to get media for your business, if you know how to pitch.

Instead of spending thousands of dollars on expensive PR services, learn how to pitch the media yourself.

In this system, you’ll get:

  • Calendars for different industries with 365 pitch ideas, including pitches that are proven to work at certain times of the year. We have calendars for business coaches, health coaches, relationship coaches, personal finance coaches and more.
  • Email templates you can use to pitch the media.
  • Videos with pitching tips.
  • Plus, Trello boards and spreadsheets to help you stay organized as you start pitching the media.

You pour your heart and soul (and time, energy, and money) into your products, services, and courses, make sure people actually know about them. Add the Media Pitch 365 System to your cart and start getting media attention today.